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Top 5 Outdoor Adventures in Northern New Brunswick | Summer 2019

Feeling adventurous? Your bucket list is about to meet its match. We’ve lined up our top 5 adventure picks in the Chaleur region just for you.

 Published Aug 09

Adventure doesn’t always have to mean climbing Mount Kilimanjaro or wrestling with wild Komodo dragons. Here’s what “adventure” is really all about: embarking on something unusual, sometimes daring, sprinkled with a bit of the unknown and a couple of great friends.

These 5 Chaleur region destinations will give you a taste of some of the best outdoor adventures New Brunswick has to offer!

1. Anne’s Tubing

(Photo: Anne's Tubing on Facebook)

The sun is shining, and the water is flowing; you’re about to disconnect for 2 hours and gently float down the Nepisiguit river with a cold drink in your hand.

You’ll find Anne’s Tubing at the Heath Steel bridge on route 430, close to the Rogers Lake Lodge. Open every day (weather permitting) from 11am to 3pm, this local business has been offering tube rentals on the Nepisiguit river since 2017.

The premise is as simple as the experience.

After a short ride in a side-by-side to the launch point, you’ll grab your tube -- don’t forget one for your cooler -- and even hook up to a friend or two if you choose. launch.

It's that simple.

Now you get to take in the beautiful views and up-river nature as you sip on a cold drink with your toes in the water during a relaxing 2 hour ride.

Reviews say: “The most fun you could ever have while doing absolutely nothing. Fresh air, beautiful view and the most relaxing time you will ever have.”

Find Anne’s Tubing on Chaleur Tourism, Facebook and Tripadvisor.

[Anne’s Tubing]

2. Bass Attack Fishing

(Photo: Bass Attack Fishing on Facebook)

You’re out on the water.

It’s been a hot day, but the sun just went down behind a few clouds and is about to hit the horizon line.

The water is cooler where you are…perfect spot to catch a fish according to your guide. You cast your line and finally take in the moment.

That’s when you suddenly feel it. The hit.

You’re trying to stay calm and focused, but you’re already reeling frantically.

That moment…the sound of that reel…you’ll never forget it.

Bass Attack Fishing offers kayak fishing tours with a qualified guide for 1 to 4 people (~4 to 5 hours per trip).

They provide everything you’ll ever need for a kayak fishing: premium fishing kayak, life jackets, premium saltwater rod, lures, snacks, etc.

The target species on your trip will be the striped bass, but you could even catch the flatfish and the mackerel. If you decide to keep your catch, they can even fillet your fish!

Reviews say: “From the minute you get to the the time you drive away, the service, knowledge, equipment, memories and fish you receive, and experience is 1 of a kind in the Chaleur Region.”

Find Bass Attack Fishing on Chaleur Tourism, Facebook and on their website.

[Bass Attack Fishing]

3. Nepisiguit Adventures 

Would you say you’re more of a Serene Deer, or a Faithful Salmon? When people talk about you, do they say you’re more of a Thrill-Seeking Otter…or a Comfortable Bear?

No matter what your spirit animal is, Nepisiguit Adventures will have an outdoor experience that’s perfect for you!

(Take their Adventurer Profile Quiz to find out which animal you are!)

Dr. Samuel Daigle, local retired family physician, founded Nepisiguit Adventures with one goal in mind: to create a company that could bring as much benefit to people’s health than by prescribing medication. He does this by promoting an active lifestyle revolving around getting back to nature and pairing it with a healthy nutrition.

Along with his team of keen explorers, adventurers and guides – and a whole lot of fresh air – Adventure Nepisiguit delivers unforgettable experiences all year round.

Connect with them today and plan your next hiking, camping, canoeing, kayaking or biking adventure!

Reviews say: “We had a wonderful day of canoeing on the Nepisiguit river with Samuel and his team. Experienced knowledge about nature, the region, canoeing […]”

 Find Nepisiguit Adventures on Chaleur Tourism, Facebook, Instagram and on their website.

[Nepisiguit Adventures]

4. L’Acadien Sur Mer (Mackerel fishing) 

(Photo: Motel & Chalets L'Acadien)

According to Charles the fisherman, the best way to see the Chaleur region’s coastline is from the water.

That’s just where you’ll be when you go on one of his many mackerel fishing excursions!

Captain Charles invite you aboard his luxurious fishing boat “l’Acadien sur mer”, for a fishing experience on one of the most beautiful bays in the world.

During this trip, you’ll be “jigging” for the Atlantic mackerel, a fish that lives in the bay of Chaleur.

Everything is provided, including Charles’ amazing fishing stories, and you even get to keep everything you catch!

Perfect for groups of all ages and experience levels.

Find l’Acadien sur Mer on Chaleur Tourism and on their website.

[L'Acadien Sea Adventures]

5. Nepisiguit Mi’gmaq Trail

(Photo: Sentier Nepisiguit Mi'gmaq Trail)

Over only a few short years, the Nepisiguit Mi’gmaq Trail has truly become one of the prized jewels of our province.

With its 150 kilometers, it offers some of the most beautiful and diverse trails in eastern Canada.

Beginning at the base of Mount Carleton, the trail follows the Nepisiguit River on its long journey all the way to the Bay of Chaleur in the beautiful Bathurst harbour.

This is no walk in the park, however.

This is a real hiking trail.

It is remote.

It is wild.

It can be physically and mentally demanding…

…which means it’s THE ultimate pick for hikers looking for a real adventure. We’re talking between 6 and 12 days of pure hiking, with no towns or revitalization points.

Now THAT's an adventure!

(Fear not, you can also take it easy and take on smaller chunks of the trails via the many access points!)

Here’s a quick tip: connect with them ahead of time to get all the guidance you’ll need before heading out on your adventure.

Reviews say: “It is a superb hike anywhere on a trail which provides enough physical challenges, spectacular beauty and soul soothing moments that you will return time and again.”

Find the Nepisiguit Mi’gmaq Trail on Chaleur Tourism, Facebook, Instagram, Trip Advisor and on their website.

[Nepisiguit Mi’gmaq Trail]


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