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6 experiences to embrace your inner child in the Chaleur Region this Fall

Who doesn’t love Fall? Fall is the most wonderful time of the year in northern New Brunswick, with glorious foliage, delicious cafés, and heartwarming smiles. 

 Published Aug 18

To embrace the coziness of the season, enjoy life’s simple pleasures and embrace your inner child in the Chaleur Region this Fall. Put on a cozy sweater, leave your worries behind, and start planning your favorite activities.

Go down memory lane at Andréa’s Confectionery

Entering Andréa Confectionery is like entering a child’s dream.

The front of the shop is calling all foodies’ names. Don’t try to resist this mouth-watering mural!

Inside is a piece of heaven: colorful candy on one side, fine chocolate on the other side, everywhere a deliciously sweet smell and twinkles in every customer’s eyes.

Go down memory lane with your childhood’s treats or try out something new like speculoos or pine-nut filled chocolates. Whatever you choose, remember that you can never have too much chocolate.

[Andrea Confectionery]

Befriend a chickadee at the Daly Point Nature Reserve

When was the last time a chickadee landed on your fingers?

If you can’t remember, head to the Daly Point Nature Reserve.

And if you do remember, also head to the Daly Point Nature Reserve, because we all need more fluffy chickadees in our lives.

At Chickadee Landing, at the junction between the beautiful White Pine Trail and Woodland trail, bring seeds or dried fruits, hold up your hand and let the magic begin. Prepare to live a Disney-worthy moment!

Friendly chickadees are guaranteed but keep your eyes peeled: curious blue jays might also pop in for a visit, as well as a squirrel or ten hoping for crumbs!

Get cozy at the Cocooning Café

Forget “hygge” and get ready to fall for “cocooning”. Cocooning is the French art of getting warm and cozy. This concept was made for lazy Fall mornings!

No better place to experience it than at the Cocooning Café, with its fine pastries and warm wood décor, heartfelt quotes on the walls and friendly staff.

Will you have a French breakfast with café au lait and croissants, or a brunch with skillet potatoes and sunny side up eggs? The ultimate comfort food is the French toast, complete with a specialty latte. Whatever you order, you can only make good decisions here. Bon appétit!

[Auberge d'Anjou - Cocooning Café]

Go beachcombing at Pokeshaw Beach 

With its mysterious islands, Pokeshaw Beach is a place to let your imagination run free.

Just picture a huge rock topped with trees and a white cross, standing tall at a distance from the beach and surrounded by cliffs. Could it be a pirate’s refuge? There must be a treasure chest in there somewhere…

Even if you never find the pirate’s treasure, take the time to go beachcombing for little treasures in this picture-perfect place. Will you find small shells, gem-like rocks or sea-glass polished to perfection?

Taste Fall at the Kaffeine Espresso Bar

Let’s settle this once and for all: Fall is an open invitation to soul-warming coffee breaks. No explanation needed.

At the Kaffeine Espresso Bar in Bathurst, treat yourself with delicious hot drinks. 

If you’re craving a sweet bite or two, don’t miss out on the pumpkin cupcakes or macarons!

[Kaffeine Espresso Bar]

Go play in the leaves

Nothing beats a sunny Fall afternoon playing in the leaves!

Breathe in the crisp forest air, enjoy the last warm sunny days, and take in the colorful leaves above you and at your feet.

To enjoy them, what will you choose? The Chaleur Region is one the most beautiful of New Brunswick in Fall (or anytime, in our totally unbiased opinion).

Will you head out to the mesmerizing Pabineau Falls or to the gorgeous Jacquet River Gorge lookout? Will you walk on a thick bed of crunchy leaves on the Nepisiguit Mi’gmaq Trail or follow the many paths in the Daly Point Nature Reserve? Whatever you choose, let your inner child play in the leaves one more time before winter!


These are just a few of the many cozy places and businesses to enjoy Fall in the Chaleur Region. You’ll find our complete list of shops, hotels and restaurants here.

So how are you going to play in the Chaleur Region this Fall?

*This blog was written with the collaboration of Audrey Favre - Arpenter le chemin*


Take your time. Fall in Love.

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