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Paw-some Places: Your guide to dog-friendly places in the Chaleur Region

With the summer fast approaching, we know you’ve likely started thinking about all of the adventures you and your pup will take on. This is why we’ve compiled a list of dog-friendly places in the Chaleur Region. Want to make sure your furry friend is never left behind? We’ve got you covered!

 Published May 09

The Chaleur region is known for its coastal landscapes, combed beaches, and naturally welcoming environments. Whether you are looking to walk the sandy beaches or adventure deep into the woods, we’ve got the latest tips to make sure you are fully prepared for your experience exploring our beautiful region with your dog.

Kilometers of Dog-Friendly Beaches

There’s nowhere like the Chaleur Bay to take your time and relax while enjoying the views from the many boardwalks, trails, or sandy beaches following the coast.

Make your way to Youghall Beach where you’ll find boardwalks that reach the beach from many access points, and kilometres of clean sandy coast to discover. Follow the coastline and you’ll also find similar landscapes and exploration grounds at Beresford Beach. With a couple of incredible footbridges and trails that follow the coast, there is plenty of room to roam and views to take in with sandbanks that go as far as meets the eye.

There is nothing quite like a bit of Chaleur beach hopping with your favourite adventure buddy. Make your way a bit further down the coast and visit the beaches in Petit-Rocher, Nigadoo (Belvedère), Pokeshaw, and Roherty Point (Belledune).

Oh! And don’t forget to keep your adventure buddy on a leash. Though we know they like to adventure on their own, they’ll feel more comfortable by your side and it will help ensure they can continue to join you on future beach trips!

We know beachcombing on a really hot day can get a bit tiring; especially for our furry friends. Beresford, Youghall, and Petit-Rocher all have washroom facilities where you'll be able to get a fresh bowl of water, and if you’re pup’s up for it, why not even go for a quick dip in the water to refresh and cool down.

Dog-Friendly Trails to Explore

Whether you and your pup are looking for a big adventure or a simple walk in the park, the Chaleur Region has got you covered! With hundreds of kilometers of multi-use trails, there is always something new to discover.

Have you checked out Daly Point Nature Reserve? Just a short drive away from Downtown Bathurst, the area has over 20 observable bird species, 100 acres of pristine salt marsh, wooded plots, and an extensive trails network. This hidden gem will feel like heaven on earth to our four-legged friends. Be sure to keep them on a leash to avoid scaring critters away and to protect the wildlife in the area!

Looking to venture off the beaten path a bit more? The Nepisiguit Mi’gmaq Trail offers everything even the most adventurous of dogs would want. With several access points in the area, this trail follows the Nepisiguit River all the way to Mount Carleton Provincial Park.

On the trail, you’ll get to see waterfalls, salmon pools, and maybe even witness beavers at work. Whether you are tackling the entire trail or maybe just a section or two, please remember that dog owners are responsible for picking up after their dogs and that they should have a harness in order to be easily restrained when meeting other hikers and wildlife on the trail. This journey can be a long one, so be sure to bring plenty of water and treats!

You don’t have to venture very far from the city center in order to get access to a variety of trail networks in the Chaleur Region. If you and your pup are hoping to stay closer to town for the day, make sure to check out the Green Trails. There’s even a dog park where you may be able to make a couple of new friends!

Grab a Bite and Drink with your Four-Legged Friend

We can only imagine you’ll be looking to refuel and refresh after all of those activities. Thankfully, the Chaleur region is full of dog-loving food and beverage operators!

La Promenade Waterfront is a great spot you’ll want to check out with your furry friend! From delicacies at Monty’s Pretzelria and R&J Bakery, or enough ice cream to satisfy even the biggest sweet tooth at Frostbites, La Promenade has plenty of outdoor seating, and views you won’t want to miss.

Is your dog a fan of getting all the pets and treats? Make sure to stop by Four Rivers Brewing Co.! Their large, rustic taproom is filled with delicious local craft beer and dog lovers. Don’t hesitate to chat with their staff who will happily refill your pup’s water bowl or maybe even give them a treat.

Prefer to stay in the sun? 13 Barrels Brewing, Auberge d’Anjou -Cocooning Café, Au Bootlegger, and Kaffeine Espresso Bar will gladly welcome you and your dog on their patios, so long as they are on a leash! Local delicacies for the humans, a full bowl of water for the pups, and a fresh breeze from the Bay? We’ll take it!


We know little getaways and staycations can get a little tricky when travelling with a dog, but fear not! The Chaleur Region is filled with accommodations looking to welcome both you and your pup!

Does your dog need some extra space to run around? Camping might be the perfect solution! All campgrounds in the region are dog-friendly, so long as your furry friend is kept on a leash and picked up after. With fellow campers all around, you’re sure to make some friends along the way! Here are some spots we suggest checking out:

Looking for indoor accommodations that still have plenty of outdoor spaces? Danny’s Hotel & Suites in Beresford has a large garden area with an on-site basketball court and playground, and the Motel L’Acadien is only a few steps away from the beach. The opportunities for adventure are endless! And it doesn’t stop there! The Quality Inn, Comfort Inn, and the Atlantic Host all offer pet-friendly rooms. We suggest contacting the hotels individually to confirm room availability and pet fees.

Pet services in the area

When traveling with a dog, it is best to expect the unexpected. Here are some services you might need while exploring the Chaleur Region:

    Chaleur Veterinary Hospital

    We hope this never happens, but the Chaleur Veterinary Hospital is there to help if your pup needs some care. With modern techniques and equipment, they aim to provide the best possible care for your pets.

    Pet Washes

    Now that is one smart idea… A pet wash! Does your dog love to go for a swim at the beach and roll in the sand immediately after, or play around in the mud during a rainy hike? Travelling with an adventurous dog can sometimes prove to be challenging, but the Chaleur Region has two pet washes to make it easy! Swing by Chez Boudreau in Nigadoo or Pet Valu in Bathurst, and make sure your pup looks squeaky clean before heading back to your accommodation for the night!

    Always Remember

    While we know you love your dog with your entire heart, we encourage you to always remember to follow the proper etiquette when it comes to shared spaces. Here are a few quick tips:

      • Know your dog’s limits: Does your pup like being around people or does it stress them out? What kind of hike can they handle?
      • Pick up after your dog: Always remember to bring your poop bags and to dispose of them properly!
      • Be respectful of others: Be mindful of other humans and dogs. Sometimes, a little extra space is all they need.
      • Get informed: Are you visiting a business or attending an event where you’re unsure of their rules around dogs? Contact them directly and get informed before your visit!

      We hope this comprehensive guide to dog-friendly places will make exploring the Chaleur Region with your dog easier! Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to share your favourite tips and tricks for adventuring with dogs for others to see!

      FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

      Can I bring my dog to the beach?

      Yes. All beaches in the Chaleur Region are dog-friendly. Please make sure to keep your dog on a leash.

      Which accommodations are dog friendly?


      Hotel & Motels:

      We’re visiting from away and my dog needs some medical care. Where should we go?

      The Chaleur Veterinary Hospital uses modern techniques and equipment to provide the best possible health care for your pets. Their friendly faces and top-notch service make these visits as pleasant as can be.

      Is there anywhere where we can grab a bite with our dog?

      Kaffeine Espresso Bar, Au Bootlegger, 13 Barrels Brewing, and Auberge d’Anjou -Cocooning Café all serve food & beverages and allow dogs on their patios or outdoor space. If you’re simply looking for a quick snack or drink La Promenade Waterfront might have what you are looking for.


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