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Where to enjoy ice cream in the Chaleur region

Warmer weather = enjoying a refreshing ice cream, right? Treat yourself with a visit to one (or many) of our ice cream locations this summer!  

 Published Jul 05

Who doesn’t love ice cream and refreshing sweet treats? In the Chaleur region, you'll be delighted by the diversity of options available, ensuring you find your favorite flavor.

Igloo Bathurst

Igloo Bathurst is a local, family owned ice cream shop that has been serving the region for over 45 years. Their menu offers a wide variety of options, ranging from hard and soft ice cream, to sundaes, gelato, frozen yogurt, slushies, and more. Psst, delicious homemade French crepes are also available if you're not in the mood for something frozen, so there's no excuse not to visit! Take advantage of your visit to take a photo in their charming location, which could easily end up on Pinterest, or take a picture with the cow statues outside. Keep an eye on their Facebook page year round as they will sometimes open during the off-season!

[L'igloo - Bathurst]

Igloo Petit-Rocher

Igloo Petit-Rocher is the other location of this well-established family ice cream shop in the Chaleur region, and this one is only open during the summer months. Their Gelato bar, banana split, mousseline, and wide variety of hard and soft ice cream will satisfy all tastes buds. While in the area why not enjoy your time in Petit-Rocher by visiting the wharf to admire the artworks and spend a peaceful moment by the water...

[L'igloo - Petit-Rocher]

La Gläcerie

Since the summer of 2023, Beresford Beach has been fortunate to have a new ice cream shop by its side. La Gläcerie offers a wide variety of ice cream and some special combos for limited periods (don't miss out, check out their Facebook page), such as maple parfaits (soft vanilla ice cream, real maple syrup drizzle, Belgian white maple chocolate with a mix of pecans and peanuts), Key Lime Pie parfait, smores tornadoes, and much more! They even offer a few lactose-free options, and they also offer a gluten-free cone option! La Gläcerie truly has a magical location next to the salt marsh, Beresford Beach and the new children playground, Les Amis de la Santé Park, which includes water games!

[La Gläcerie]

Singing Nomad & Surya Café

Singing Nomad has established itself as a favorite location for ice cream in the Chaleur region since their opening in 2021. For the 2024 summer, they have moved location to be at their other establishment, Surya Café. Take advantage of this beautiful local café to enjoy a delicious affogato, a flurry, an ice cream sandwich or a regular ice cream covered in chocolate. 

[Singing Nomad & Surya Café]

Fruits & Vegetables - Beresford

On a summer day, there's nothing better than enjoying fresh produce accompanied by a cool snack for your sweet cravings. Head to Fruits & Légumes – Beresford to receive a warm welcome and choose from a wide variety of quality products. When you're at the checkout, treat yourself to their delicious hard or soft ice cream, or a frozen dessert. Pro tip: afterward, head to the Beresford boardwalk for a peaceful nature walk, and perhaps catch a glimpse of the Maritime Ringlet butterfly.

[Fruits & Vegetables - Beresford]


Frostbites, located at La Promenade Waterfront in Bathurst, is the perfect spot to enjoy a cool snack with a stunning view of the water. This local business will satisfy your cravings with its wide variety of desserts. You can choose from soft or hard ice creams in various flavors, sugar-free or lactose-free ice creams, sundaes, flurrys, banana splits, and more. Don't forget to take a picture with the new ❤️Bathurst sign while in the area!

[Frostbites Dairy Bar]

Frozu Beresford

If you're a fan of frozen yogurt and enjoy customizing your desserts, Frozu Beresford is the perfect place for you. Begin your experience by grabbing a cup, choose your favorite frozen yogurt flavors and toppings, then proceed to pay at the checkout. Don’t worry about the weight of your dessert, as you're not charged based on the weight, but based on the size of the cup you have chosen.

[Greco Pizza & Frozu - Beresford]

Big D Drive-In

An emblem of the Chaleur region since 1969, Big D Drive-In offers the authentic experience of a "drive-in." Park your car and activate your hazard lights to signal that you want to view the menu or are ready to order. Their milkshakes (chocolate, strawberry, banana, orange, or vanilla) are renowned as some of the best in the region. Their vanilla ice cream cone and sundae are just as delicious. Following this unique and enjoyable experience, head to Youghall Beach, located just a few kilometers from the Big D Drive In, to enjoy a beautiful moment by the water while enjoying your treat.

[Big D Drive-In]

Dairy Delight

Near the Bay of Chaleur, on the Acadian Coastal Drive (follow the red signs with a starfish) you will find Dairy Delight Canteen in Belledune. They offer a wide variety of hard or soft ice cream. Their beautiful location with a waterfront view will certainly impress you. This place is definitely worth a visit!

[Dairy Delight]

Other options


If you're looking for a familiar ice cream option, McDonald's in Bathurst is here for you! Did you know that the McFlurry was invented in Bathurst? It was in 1995 that the owner of McDonald's in Bathurst, Ron McLellan, invented this now-classic dessert enjoyed worldwide! Sundaes, milkshakes, or a simple vanilla cone are also available. Dairy Queen in Bathurst is also known for its ice creams, cakes, and other frozen desserts. Its wide menu variety and convenient location allow you to grab your favorite dessert before continuing your next activity. And of course, you can get ice cream at many of our delicious restaurants!

[Dairy Queen]

While ice creams may not be unique to the Chaleur region, we're confident you'll discover unique flavors at our numerous establishments serving frozen treats. What will be your first stop on your next visit?


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