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8 Reasons to Plan a Motorcycle Trip in the Chaleur Region

Are you hoping for breathtaking natural landscapes, easy access to the sea, and delightful seafood fresh from the ocean on your next motorcycle trip? Here are 8 reasons why you absolutely must tour the Chaleur Region on your bike!

 Published Feb 21

1) A feeling of absolute freedom on scenic roads

The roads in the Chaleur Region connect you to a net of picturesque coastal towns surrounded by large natural areas.

Despite its growing popularity as a tourist destination, the Chaleur Region is never too crowded, and the people here will always make you feel right at home.

You’ll never have to transit in heavy traffic and deal with traffic jams on highways.

This allows complete freedom to discover the area at your own pace!

Discovering the region on your motorcycle allows you to stop everywhere more easily than by car and to discover the breathtaking sunset views along the Chaleur Bay.

Most of the communities and roads are located near the shoreline of the Chaleur Bay, which has officially been added to UNESCO’s famous list of Most Beautiful Bays in the World.

One thing that is special about this region is the fact that the landscapes between the destinations are as wonderful as the destinations themselves.

You’ll enjoy amazing panoramic views and discover plenty of hidden treasures on Road 134 between Bathurst that runs along the shoreline of the Chaleur Bay all the way up to Campbellton.

Another great favourite for providing great scenery is Road 11 taken from Bathurst toward the Acadian Peninsula.

You’ll discover beautiful capes overlooking the Chaleur Bay as well as Pokeshaw Rock, an incredible landmark not to be missed.

Plan a refreshing and intense summer getaway in the Chaleur Region and let the fresh ocean breeze fill your lungs.

2) Festivals and events worth the drive

***Due to COVID-19, some events and attractions listed below may have changed. Be sure to check an event's official page before planning your trip around it!

We offer many festivals and events that are worth the road trip. 

Feast on delicious ribs prepared by professional ribbers at the Bathurst Rotary RibFest for a whole weekend in July (official dates to be announced soon) or get ready for a night full of laughter at the Train de l'humour 2021 on July 3rd (show in French only). 

You could also immerse yourself in local culture by visiting Les Arts Visuels de la Baie in Petit-Rocher (starting July 8th).

These are only a few of many festivals that take place in the Region throughout the summertime.

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3) Great accommodations

Whether you intend to bring your tent along or not, you will admit that a night at the hotel is part of the fun of being away from home.

Whether it’s just to get a good night of sound sleep or to enjoy the swimming pool, it’s always a great idea to book a comfy room.

Here are some great accommodations for bikers located right at the heart of the Chaleur Region you’ll want to consider for your trip:

Auberge de la vallée

This wonderful haven of peace located on a 12-acre park in Bathurst City is close to all attractions and activity centres of the Chaleur Region.

[Auberge de la Vallée Hotel]

The owner Dominique, also a motorcycle enthusiast, will greet you like an old friend.

Additional perks:

  • Motorcycle-friendly parking
  • Pool and sauna
  • Free breakfast
  • Professional spa and beauty services onsite
  • Bistro

Atlantic Host

This independently-owned hotel located in Bathurst City is a prime destination among outdoor enthusiasts throughout the year.

[Atlantic Host Hotel]

Well known and appreciated for its warm hospitality, this hotel is conveniently located near both golf clubs in Bathurst and the walking trails.

Riders will love this one because of its proximity to the highway!

Additional perks:

  • Secure indoor parking garage
  • Bike wash station
  • Lounge and restaurant
  • Swimming pool
  • Fitness Centre
  • Gas station on site 

Danny’s Hotel Suites & Events Centre

The Danny’s Hotel Suites & Events Centre is an enchanting site located in the beautiful and peaceful town of Beresford, adjacent to Bathurst City.

[Danny’s - Hotel - Suites - Events Center]

This spacious and fully renovated hotel provides all amenities, and breakfast is included in all reservations.

Your bike will also be welcome and safely stored for the night!

Additional perks:

  • Access to secure parking garage
  • Swimming pool
  • Fitness Centre
  • Complimentary shuttle services
  • Bar lounge and restaurant
  • Golf package available 

4) Beaches everywhere

Wherever you go in the Chaleur Region, you will always find a beach no more than a few minutes away from your location.

The Chaleur Region has beautiful beach parks, such as the Beresford Beach, the Parc de la plage in Petit-Rocher or the Roherty Point Beach in Belledune, where you can play all kinds of sports or take a good walk while enjoying the scenery.

Drop in for a yoga class at Youghall Beach in Bathurst or just relax with your feet in the hot sand.

You’ll also find beautiful natural access to the sea in almost all villages and towns of the Chaleur Region.

5) Outdoor activities

It would take more than a week to take in all the Chaleur Region has to offer in terms of outdoor activities.

The Chaleur Region is filled with hidden gems and fantastic hiking destinations such as the Jacquet River Gorge, the Daly Point Natural Reserve, and Pabineau Falls.

From the afternoon walk to the multi-day hike with fantastic scenery in the woods or by the water, you’ll find the right trail for it here.

You’ll also find trail systems for fat bikes, mountain bikes, jogging, quads, etc.