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Top 8 things to do in Bathurst | Summer 2019

Here are 8 of our favourite things to do in Bathurst this summer!

 Published Jun 21

Located at the estuary of the Nepisiguit River in northern New Brunswick, Bathurst is the vibrant hub of the Chaleur region. Whether you're in Bathurst for the beach, the golf or the beer: you'll have plenty of great things to do while you're here!

Here are 8 of our favourite things to do in Bathurst this summer!

1) Visit a micro-brewery 

Beer lovers rejoice! You'll find no shortage of amazing microbrews in Bathurst thanks to the 26 fully-stocked taps at AU BOOTLEGGER and its burgeoning brewery scene.

Within walking distance of each other, you'll find two local breweries: FOUR RIVERS BREWING and 13 BARRELS BREWERY.

[Four Rivers Brewing Co.]

FOUR RIVERS BREWING, named after the rivers that flow into the Bathurst harbour, is a family-owned and operated 15-barrel brewery that produces award-winning American style Ales. You'll find flights of beer, a cozy tasting room, guided tours and plenty of live bands throughout the season!

13 BARRELS BREWERY, named after the local prohibition-driven 13-barrel alcohol "heist" of 1920, overlooks the Bathurst harbour. Head brewer Benjamin Doucet (previously at Picaroon's Traditional Ales) creates high quality and unique brews -- best sampled in their large tasting room on the waterfront.

2) Guided outdoor experiences 

[Nepisiguit Adventures]

Enjoying the wilderness of the Chaleur region might seem like a daunting task... unless you have a guide with you! NEPISIGUIT ADVENTURES will offer you just that, and more. Go hiking, cycling, canoeing, kayaking, camping: you name it. Enjoy it all with hassle-free planning, including transportation, interpretation, equipment and even meals!

3) Go Kayak Fishing 

[Bass Attack Fishing]

If you're looking for the kind of experience that's action-packed AND nautical, this is it. Bass Attack Fishing will take care of preparing everything for your adventure: fishing kayak, saltwater rod & lures, snacks and a guide. They even offer fillet service! A typical trip is around 4-5 hours. Be sure to book ahead!

4) Eat a fresh lobster from McLean's Fish Shop 

[McLean’s Fish Shop]

When it comes to lobster, the local consensus is: eat it fresh. If you're in Bathurst, those same locals are very likely to recommend going to McLean's Fish Shop. Located at 624 Garden St, McLean's will take good care of all your lobster-devouring needs. If you're doing a feast, get their freshest catch of live lobster. If you're indulging, maybe go for a bag of claws and some garlic butter. Either way: make sure we're invited.

5) Play some Golf 

It's not every day you get to play on a world-class golf course.

Unless you're in Bathurst. 

Officially opened in 1958 as a nine-hole venue, and expanded to 18 holes of play in 1962, Gowan Brae Golf & Country Club was designed by one of the top golf course architects in Canada at the time: Mr. C.E. (Robbie) Robinson. With views of the beautiful windy shores of Bathurst Harbour, it sports what many consider to be two of the toughest holes in Canada. Challenging and breathtaking. 

If the green is calling, you'll find the answers at Gowan Brae Golf & Country Club and Squire Green Golf & Country Club in the Chaleur Region. Be sure to pack your clubs with you! 

[Gowan Brae Golf and Country Club]

6) Beach day 

[Youghall Beach]

Here's what you do: you get a good book, turn off all electronics and pack the beach bag full of snacks and water. Then head to Youghall Beach. Keep a copy of our guide with you at all times to know the tide schedule and spend a day at the beach with your friends or the kids...or both!

7) Explore Daly Point Nature Reserve 

[Daly Point Nature Reserve]

Join a local expert to explore a protected site that attracts a large variety of birds, butterflies and mammals; snack included. Does it sound like a dream day? That's because it is! If you’re more of a “free” explorer, you can also discover this natural beauty by following the mapped trails. Reservations recommended for guided tours.

8) Eat a Danny Burger 

[Big D]

New Brunswick's last drive-in restaurant -- Big D -- is in Bathurst, and its famous Danny Burger is calling your name. Here, you'll find all the things you expect from a classic drive-in restaurant: onion rings, milkshakes, soft-serve ice cream and more. The legendary Danny Burger is worth the stop, even if you're only in the area for a few hours.


Of course, part of the beauty of the Chaleur region is the close proximity between each town and city. If you're looking for activities within a short distance from Bathurst, you may want to take a look at our other Summer 2019 suggestions:

We'll see you this summer in the Chaleur region!


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