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Yuzu Sushi

Places to Eat in Bathurst: Yuzu Sushi

Yuzu Sushi: a passion for quality!

A passion for quality!

From the beginning in Quebec City in 2002, Yuzu Sushi totally changed the city’s gastronomic scene with its innovative culinary creations. The enterprise rapidly became well known by “sushi lovers”, hence the emergence of a new concept, just as promising: Yuzu Sushi franchises.

The year 2005 marked the beginning of the rapid expansion of the company, which now has about 50 locations all around Quebec and New Brunswick

Constantly renewing its menus while paying careful attention to the quality and freshness of its products,
Yuzu ensures that it continuously meets the needs of its customers by offering tasting/interesting promotions.

At Yuzu Sushi, there’s no compromise in the taste. Quality, innovation, respect, reliability, customer
orientation, refined cuisine, urban decor, impeccable service, and a “passion for quality” are all a part of our values and knowledge.



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