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Top 9 things to do in Petit-Rocher | Summer 2019

Here are 9 of our favourite things to do in Petit-Rocher this summer!

 Published Jun 21

Simply put: Petit-Rocher is the centre of Acadian culture in the Chaleur region. The red, white and blue - with a little yellow - proudly waves all around this beautiful village. Summer here is especially vibrant, thanks to a lineup of world-class musical festivals.

Here are 9 of our favourite things to do in Petit-Rocher this summer! 

1) L'Acadien by the sea 

[Motel and Cottages L'Acadien By The Sea]

"L'Acadien sur mer" is both the name of Charles Roy's fishing boat and the many beautiful seaside cottages he operates along the bay. Gather a few friends and family members together and head out for an unforgettable experience out to sea. From July to August, go fishing for mackerel! He'll show you his sure-fire catching techniques and you can even learn how to prepare the fillets for cooking... New Brunswick style!

2) Fall in love with your vegetarian side 

[Bistro cœur d’Artishow]

Offering some of the very best vegetarian cuisine available in the Chaleur Region, the Bistro Coeur d'Artishow is one of those "hidden gems" that you will surely keep in your heart for a very long time after your visit. Owners Michel and Karim will be the hosts of what will be the most memorable dining experience of your trip. Don’t forget to make reservations, this cozy dining spot is a favourite among the locals!

3) Basic Sea Kayak Skills at Le Camping

[Le Camping]

Ever been curious about sea kayaking? Want to brush up on your skills to increase your confidence? Feel like just going out to enjoy a nice paddle on calm seas? Le Camping offers Paddle Canada sanctioned Basic Sea Kayak Skills courses. Given over 2 consecutive mornings, for a total of 8 hours, it is designed for the novice paddler and introduces basic paddling skills. Bonus: you can even stay at Le Camping for a complete experience!

4) Le parc de la plage

The beach in Petit-Rocher is integrated into a recreo-touristic concept perfect for the entire family. Here you'll find picnic areas, volleyball, horseshoes, exterior showers and access to public washrooms. While the beach itself is unsupervised, the water is shallow over multiple meters during low tide, making it ideal for the little ones. While you’re here, be sure to go on a treasure hunt for some beautiful sea glass souvenirs!

5) Take a coffee break

[Auberge d'Anjou - Cocooning Café]

Whether you're actually looking for a place to stay, or simply a great spot for lunch, this beautiful Bed & Breakfast is a stop you won't want to miss: l'Auberge d'Anjou. Located in a beautiful heritage home at the center of Petit-Rocher, this auberge is a favourite amongst the locals. Here, you'll find deliciously roasted coffee, legendary breakfasts (Two words: Assiette Gourmande. Just do it.), freshly-made pastries and an amazing atmosphere where you can enjoy it all.

6) Zézètte!

[Cantine Chez Zézètte]

Sometimes when you're on vacation, your body goes into an emergency Poutine craving mode that can’t seem to be easily satisfied. When that day comes, do yourself a favour and head to Cantine Chez Zézètte.

Saying that this is a "local's favourite" would not do it justice; people travel from all over to simply get a taste of their legendary poutines. Secret tip from a local: While it might not be on the menu, ask for a "Half n' Half" poutine – 50% BBQ sauce, 50% gravy, 100% delicious. What else can we say except you're welcome!

7) Keep it cool

Let's face it: even with the beautiful coastal breeze, summertime can get pretty toasty (it is called the Chaleur region after all!). While in Petit-Rocher head over to L'Igloo Ice Cream Shop to get a delicious frozen treat! Freshly made gelato, ice cream, slushies, ice cream floats, flurries, dipped soft serve, specialty'll find it all at 564 rue Principale!

8) Escape...if you can!

(Find them on Facebook!)

Escape Mission Evasion is an exciting evasion room concept located in Petit-Rocher Sud (30 Chemin Tremblay). Whether you’re a veteran of the genre, or a first-timer, here’s the concept: between 4 and 6 friends get together to (try to) solve the many puzzles and figure a way out of a room. Keep one eye on the clock! Can you escape? We’ll see…Call ahead to book your session!

9) Feel the music

With the summer comes a wave of festivals and lives shows in Petit-Rocher. Whether you're here during the Festival des Rameurs, the Blues d'la Baie or any other time really: be sure to catch a live show. To make it easier to plan ahead, we curate a list of events right here on our website! (Need to brush up on your Chaleur Region music? We made a Spotify playlist just for you!)


Of course, part of the beauty of the Chaleur region is the close proximity between each town and city. If you're looking for activities within a short distance from Petit-Rocher, you may want to take a look at our other Summer 2019 suggestions:

We'll see you this summer in the Chaleur region!


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