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Gauthier Sugary -- ”Coup de Coeur” Chaleur

South of the Tetagouche river, right here in the Chaleur Region, is where you'll find Gauthier Sugary: a micro-sugary of around 500 maples.

 Published Mar 08

This week, our “#Chaleur pick” transports us to Gauthier Sugary.

 A quiet walk…

It is nestled south of the Tetagouche river, in a small valley with a sweet heart, that we find this little jewel. After a short walk on a peaceful trail, we arrive to a breathtaking scenery. A small cabin with three chimneys welcomes us, vivid red roof and all, comfortably installed in the middle of its “flock” of maples. A sweet smell tickles your nostrils and warms your lungs.


Gauthier Sugary in South Tetagouche

At the head of the operation, Patrice Gauthier – Bathurst-born, passionate maple syrup producer, retired RCMP, forestry technician, proud father, handyman, artisan.

“It’s my little dream spot,” he tells us, “which I found completely by chance after buying this property when I returned to the area with my family.”

A dream spot – better believe it. “Wedged” carefully by mother-nature between hills and forest, the maples at Gauthier Sugary are sheltered from one of their worst enemy: the wind.

“It’s my little dream spot”

A micro-sugary of around 500 maples.

“We’re in a little bit of a micro-climate”

“We’re in a little bit of a micro-climate,” he explains. These few degrees make a big difference when it comes to maples. This year, it’s even more important than ever; the south of the province already has record flows – we in the north had slightly colder climates. “The big season is about to start,” he reassures us.

A warm atmosphere…

Patrice is a fanatic of the #SupportLocal wave striking our region. He tells us about the good friends and the friendly collaboration he has received from our region’s “maple veterans”, such as George Riordon from Riordon Maple Products. It warms our heart … or maybe it’s the crackling fire below the Grimm evaporator.

The sugary’s “workhorse”.

“Do you know when they initially designed these evaporators?” he asks with a big smile. Suddenly, Patrice transports us through the history of maple syrup. From legends to lived experiences, to the many personal stories of a man who has learned a lot since he started making maple syrup for his family.

“Do you know when they initially designed these evaporators?”